Welcome to the Fort Lauderdale Martial Arts Center

Helping others experience the great benefits of martial arts is our goal!

Instructor Kadek Sensei

Kadek Wibawa began practicing karate at 5 years old. As a child he learned discipline, self-defense, and self-respect, and later received his black belt in

Dojo Closed Down for Repairs

Due to an unfortunate fire, our Dojo is closed until further notice. Please contact us or visit our Facebook page for up to date information

Summer Camp 2015

Fort Lauderdale Martial Arts Center will join our Headquarter School U.S. Taido Karate School for their Summer Camp June 12, 13 &14 in Hilton Head, SC.

At Fort Lauderdale Martial Arts Center (FLMAC) we believe that practicing the martial arts, in particular karate, is the single most important practice in which a child can participate to become a well rounded being. It instills the virtues of discipline, respect, responsibility, accountability, integrity, initiative, confidence, and others too numerous to mention.


For children who develop self-confidence and self-discipline early in life, practicing karate sets them on a path of higher learning, always questioning and seeking answers. We teach these virtues and reinforce them in a playful, structured, and safe environment. Throughout their martial arts training, children learn to be strong and stand up for themselves, while showing humility.


For adults, besides the obvious benefit of learning self-defense, there is stress relief, physical fitness, heightened self-confidence, and order in a busy, sometimes chaotic world. Above all, our program helps adults achieve higher levels of fitness which in turn promotes a long, healthy, and happy life. You are never too old or out of shape to practice Taido Karate.