About Us

The Fort Lauderdale Martial Arts Center



Thank you for your interest in our Martial Arts programs. I want to personally invite you to visit our center located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

You will experience a group of people who are eager to help meet your needs in the areas of health, fitness and self-defense.
We teach Traditional Martial Arts with a modern day rationale. You will receive thorough instruction, experience a great workout and have a lot of fun. I look forward to meeting you and answering any questions that you might have.

Fort Lauderdale Martial Arts Center is a beautiful 3,000 square foot facility. We offer 3 training areas, which are fully matted. Comfortable seating is available next to each of our training mats. We provide dressing rooms as well as bathrooms. There are plenty of parking spaces available. We believe in keeping a clean and organized environment. We are confident that you will enjoy your total experience!






Our History

Fort Lauderdale Martial Arts Center, formerly known as Taido Martial Arts, was founded in April of 1997 by Tom de Venny. It was the first approved freestanding satellite branch school from Taido’s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

“I was so proud to bring Taido to Fort Lauderdale, and it was my honor as a Black Belt to pass on what I learned from my Sensei, Uchida Sensei, to the new students,” states De Venny Sensei.

In 2010, De Venny Sensei turned the school over to Kadek Sensei, who has been running the school successfully as Fort Lauderdale Martial Arts Center for over 4 years.



Kadek Widawa

Kadek Wibawa grew up in Bali, Indonesia, where he began practicing karate at 5 years old. As a child he learned discipline, self-defense, and self-respect, and later received his black belt in Shotokan Karate.

After coming to the United States in 2002, his passion and love for martial arts grew as he continued to learn different forms, including Taido Karate and his new challenge, 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu. He progressed to receive his 2nd degree black belt in the art of Taido Karate under De Venny Sensei, a 5th degree black belt. After his Sensei retired in 2010, he became the head instructor and owner of Fort Lauderdale Martial Arts Center. Through Kadek Sensei’s well-regarded teaching methods, which focus on personal development, discipline, and self-defense, the school has been producing outstanding students.

Kadek Sensei’s true talent lies in his ability to communicate with children of all shapes, sizes, and abilities, including children who are mentally and physically challenged. His unique manner of connecting with his charges, allows them the freedom to express themselves, while understanding and obeying the rules of discipline in the dojo. As a result, parents notice a marked improvement in children’s attitudes, attention span, and behavior almost immediately.

Martial Arts Achievements
– 1st degree black belt in Shotokan karate
– 2nd degree black belt in Taido Karate
– Purple belt in the art of Nihon Goshin Aikido
– 25 years of martial arts experience
– 24 years of competition experience

Tom DeVenny

De Venny Sensei was the first to bring Taido to Fort Lauderdale, his hometown. He founded Taido Fort Lauderdale in 1997, and has been with Taido for over 30 years. He holds the position of Executive Assistant to U.S. Taido President, Uchida Kaicho. De Venny Sensei is President of the Florida Taido Association, and holds the belt rank of 5th Dan (5th degree black belt). De Venny Sensei is still involved and teaching classes at Fort Lauderdale Martial Arts Center to advance students, as well as Taido’s Jissen (free spar fighting) class.

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