Taido Karate

Taido Karate


What is Taido Karate?

Taido is a Japanese karate featuring a three-dimensional approach to movement. It emphasize changing the body’s axis to avoid attacks while countering simultaneously using spinning, twisting, and tumbling (gymnastic) techniques.

Taido is self-defense, gymnastics, free sparring (jissen), choreographed techniques (hokeis) and Grappling. Like all martial arts, Taido is a Way of Life, embracing and enhancing mind, body and spirit while keeping you physically fit.

Why Taido Karate?

Children’s classes develop and maximize many of the most important aspects of a young person’s life, including mental. physical and social development. Taido Karate instills self-discipline, self-confidence, self-control, self-respect and respect fort others.
Students learn the importance of self-achievement, teamwork and physical fitness. Taido Karate teaches a positive attitude of trying one’s best and promotes a “never give up” spirit that carries over to other aspects of life.

Who can do Taido?

Practically anyone who is breathing. Training is adjusted for age and ability. There are class for little ones as young as 3 (subject to approval) and as old as 75. Taido has 4 basic divisions:
• Wee Warriors 3 to 5 year old
• Childrens 5 to 12 year old
• Juniors 12 to 15 year old
• Intermediates 16 to 18 year old and
• Adults 19 and up.

We encourage parents to join Taido Karate with their kids. Families who work out together, stay together.

At Fort Lauderdale Martial Arts Center, our goal is to help every one of our students achieve their goals. Since adults have very different goals for themselves than they do for their children, we have worked hard to tailor an Adult Program that is consistent with the values and techniques taught to younger students, while remaining effective in addressing the needs of our adult clients.

Adult Class Highlights
Health Benefits
Learn Self-Defense
Practicing with peers and developing friendships
Release Stress

How do I get started?

You may try a FREE class and apply for membership any day of the week except Sunday. Just call and let us know you are coming. Of course, you are free to come and watch any-time we are open for business. See schedule or contact us for more information.

How much does it cost?

Membership fees and tuition are $130.00 per month per person with unlimited classes for your belt rank. We offer substantial discounts for additional family members. There are several membership options to fit your needs – your commitment is between you and the art.
The uniform (gi), belt tests, and equipment are extra.

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